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3 Nov 2016


Behind the Scene, First Impression on Testdriving the DJI Osmo Mobile

Months or years ago, I used to shoot some pre-weds with a DSLR. Yet, today is completely an 'honourable' day for me to test capturing moments with such an 'ultimate' vlogging gear. I was quite satisfied with the feature it gave and they, some fellas, are also impressed with both its sophistication and quality.

Before the mobile version, I went capturing a moment like this with the 'real' Osmo. I somehow feel satisfied yet disappointed with the previous one. That had been the first time I shot with Osmo and it quickly ran out of battery in the middle of the fun. Hence, I found this device is more suitable to make the BTS. I did not focus on videomaking this time, I tried to master the use and feature it has. I share my 'ex-Osmo' with my friend, Cherisa Yohanes, so that she can also learn how to shot with it.

Cherisa and I recorded the portraits.
The main photographs in this occasion was entirely taken by Nico Dewantara with the great Sony A7 series camera he has and also his impressive photographs perspective. So he could also participating to take some BTS activities as BTS archives.

I am quite impressed to use this DJI Osmo Mobile combined with my smartphone Samsung S6. Both really great 'couple' to capture daily moments or even to vlog. Without any addition, the smartphone is actually has a stabilisation feature already. Added by this Osmo thing, I can say that this is a stable device with stabiliser, that create such a great-smooth footage.


Mengenai Restu Bias Primandhika

Halo, Saya Restu, seorang insinyur multimedia yang kini juga aktif dalam ranah pendidikan bahasa. Bermusik adalah hobi saya hingga sekarang. Selain itu, saya mempunyai ketertarikan di bidang videography, fotografi dan desain. Disinilah tempat saya berbagi seni visual, musik dan segala pemikiran saya.

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